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Accelerating positive change

The world needs courageous organizations that create new, better and more sustainable solutions. We help to streamline and systematize the innovation work, as well as ensure more and better solutions that lead to actual change.

Our services

Innovation is complex and it is important to do the right things to ensure the fastest possible progress, proper resource use and real and lasting value. A structured and systematic innovation work based on research and best-practice can ensure this.

Whether we are process managers or course holders, securing effective innovation projects, or building innovative organizations, we need simple and efficient tools that are easy to use. Only then can we ensure that the expertise remains in the organization after we leave. And only then can you implement the changes needed.

This is our focus whether we deliver to entrepreneurs and companies that will develop wave power plants or new IT solutions, help municipalities become more innovative, or work together with aid organisations and research institutions to educate health workers in Africa and scale good solutions.

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Who are we?

We are an interdisciplinary team that is driven by positive change. We combine a strong community engagement with long experience and broad theoretical knowledge. We are passionate about creativity and innovation because we see that in order to achieve sustainability goals, new solutions are required. And we have to find them quickly.

Good solutions can be developed everywhere. We are local but work globally. We work in Stockholm, Blåbærneset and kampala. With entrepreneurs, small and large enterprises, public sector and development organisations as well as research institutions. We do that because the best solutions we find when we work together and build on each other's strengths.

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Change that lasts

Our team has extensive experience, broad theoretical knowledge and is driven by a strong commitment to society. We are passionate about creativity and innovation because we see that if we are to be able to achieve the sustainability goals, we need new solutions, and we need them quickly.

We work in Stockholm, on Blåbærneset or in Kampala - with municipalities, humanitarian organizations or companies. Good solutions can be developed everywhere, and we find the best solutions when we work together and build on each other's strengths.

Effective innovation requires both good innovation processes and innovative organizations. We embrace the whole and the complexity at the same time as we simplify and make it accessible. This means that competence can be built in the organizations we work with, among those who develop and execute. Only then can we ensure long-term positive change. - here we want to share!

If we are to bring about major changes, we must work together and share resources. Together with our customers, we connect research and best-practice with their actual needs, and often we find solutions that they feel make it easier to innovate effectively and get results that provide great value.

We see that these can be of value to others as well, and everything we develop can therefore be freely used and adjusted by others (Licensed under Creative Commons). Now we want to start sharing them on .

Since we are sworn supporters of fast processes, we start small, with a few areas we think more people will be interested in. At irregular intervals, we will update the page with new content and new functionality.

What do our customers say about us?

" Tinkr made a noggrann analys of high quality of IM's innovationsklimat. The endsatserna in that study varit användbara och gett a clear richen till the stilla arbetet. The process itself has been put into a walk at våra medarbetare as varit positiva for IM as an organisation. Linn och Kristian has one ödmjukt och analytical förhållningsätt as passar väl in im's organisationskultur

Andreas UlfsaxResult manager in the Global Operations department IM

" It has been a huge lying att arbeta with Tinkr! Linn, the person with whom we work most, has varit mycket drivande vilket bidragit till att stärka det internationella partnership that lies till grund för den här utbildningen. Linn/Tinkr has också relevant kompetens that goes igenom dels vad gäller innehåll i själva utbildningen, partly in the projection överlag vilket has contributed to that we have kunnat leverera an imaginary quality. Our intryck är även att Tinkr är nyfiken och intresserad av att hela tiden utvärdera sitt arbete, förbättra det genom att föra in nya lärdomar in sitt arbetssätt – något as gör de till an inspirerande partner that one can get to lita on!

Karin Båge and Prof. Tobias Alfvén Program Coordinator and Program Director, Department of Global Public Health, Karolinska Institutet

" Tinkr has been a valuable partner for the Norwegian Red Cross in the work of developing our international humanitarian innovation portfolio. The Tinkr team has brought relevant experience, expertise and a passion for developing the field of sustainable innovation in the sector and for the Norwegian Red Cross. The innovation analysis they performed for our organization and other members of the Humanitarian Innovation Platform in 2017 is still a relevant resource for us today.We find Tinkr's scaling model for the humanitarian sector, based on knowledge and experience from other sectors and lessons learned from the Red Cross / Red Crescent movement, valuable in our work to reach as many people as possible.We look forward to continuing to work with the Tinkr team.

Lars-André Skari - Head of Stategy and ResultInternational Program and Prepardness Norwegian Red Cross

" Tinkr has been an important supporter of our innovation maturity since the organization decided to focus on innovation several years ago. Initially, we received an analysis of the organization which was a good starting point for further efforts. Tinkr contributed to a plan for improvement and a strategy for The innovation work that quickly got us in the right direction. Later, they have contributed to a very successful scaling of the innovation model to a new organization, and here contributed to the development of effective systems for innovation and customized training. Tinkr helps to tailor solutions we need - and as it turns out that very many others also need, for example the "innovation trail" that our organization uses in several areas. Throughout the period we have worked together, Tinkr has been a competent sparring partner that stimulates development. areas that help to find the right solutions.

Per Bjørn Holm-Varsi - Transport Manager Troms and Finnmark County Municipality

" Serit Eltele has collaborated with Tinkr for several years. The reason for this is the broad knowledge that we can use in Tinkr. They have a large national network to play on, and their employees are committed and very results-oriented. Feel free to contact me if you are considering a collaboration with Tinkr and need references.

Jens-Harald Jenssen - Director Serit Eltele AS