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HR and innovation 2021
Norwegian leaders highlight the culture of innovation, and the development of innovative organizations and teams, as some of their most important focus areas in the future. These are areas where HR is central. Together with Evidente, we have carried out an analysis of how HR employees experience their role in innovation work, and looked at how HR can contribute to achieving the goals the managers have set in the area.

There are several reasons why innovation is now high on the agenda of many management teams. With the green shift comes new regulations and changed demand. With rapid digital development, the rules of the game in the industry can change almost overnight. We are thus in a time with many threats, and just as many opportunities.

At the same time, innovation is not something HR has traditionally paid much attention to. There are few books on how HR should support this work, and it is not covered very well in HR educations.

This should change, because HR is responsible for many of the prerequisites for successful innovation. That is the focus of this report. You will gain insight into how HR in Norwegian companies works, and inspiration and recommendations for what you yourself can do.

Good reading!

Download the report here